Acrylic Cube


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Fantastic for promotion, brand awareness building, social awareness campaigns.   Inside this 9cm square Acrylic Cube is a printed cardboard box with your promotional images and messages.

To use your own photos, slide the Cube open, remove the inner cardboard cube, paste you photos to the inner cardboard cube and slide the clear outer Cube back together over the cardboard cube with the photos.



The cube can be sealed so that your inner messages cannot be changed or unsealed so that your customer can paste their own personal photos on the box over your images.  If unsealed you may wish to leave one face with instructions.

We can:

  • Help you create your promotional artwork.  We have a graphics specialist and the full Adobe Creative Suite in-house.  Our graphics work is charged at $20 per quarter hour plus GST.  Phone us and/or email your ideas, images and text and we will put it together.  Alternatively contact us for a template and you can supply the finished art yourself.  Phone: 02 9597 3416.  Email:
  • Print your artwork, die cut your inner promotional box, assemble it and insert it in the cube.  We have full print facilities in-house.  Small and large runs.
  • Dispatch individual cube to those on your mailing list, or bulk deliver to a single address.

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Bulk Bundle Discount

1 to 24 Cubes at $10 each plus GST, 25 to 49 Cubes at $9 each plus GST, 50 to 74 Cubes at $8 each plus GST, 75 or more Cubes at $7 each plus GST